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Tech start-ups upset about Trump are turning to Canada

Shared on Feb 13, 2017 By CNBC

Uncertainty over the Trump administration’s immigration policy and travel ban has technology start-ups increasingly looking to Canada. Sunil Sharma, a partner in Toronto based Extreme Venture Partners, is a designated investor in Canada’s Start-up Visa program

Amid uncertainty in US, Indian startup founders are moving to Canada

Shared on Feb 06, 2017 By Hindustantimes

Till last year, Sharoon Thomas and Rituparna Panda, co-founders of the startup, were on a predictable path – planning to move to the United States. As the immigration climate got muddied during the 2016 US Presidential election …

Canada seizes chance to skim talent from disaffected U.S. tech companies

Shared on Feb 2, 2017 By USA Today

Restrictions on the H-1B visa program is Silicon Valley’s loss, but could be Canada’s gain. Extreme Venture Partners, next week plans to announce a new fund that will  help up to five start-up founders and their families move to Toronto and Waterloo, Canada, and invest…

CABI’s response to U.S. President’s Executive Order

Shared on January 31, 2017 By Sunil Sharma

Over the weekend, the Canadian technology community came together to produce a response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s discriminatory executive order. The open letter from key leaders across the Canadian technology industry…