Accelerator and Startup Services

Here at Extreme Accelerator, we help launch and grow Canada’s next-generation of seed-stage startups.

Built by Extreme Venture Partners, a reputable venture capitalist firm in Toronto, Extreme Accelerator seeks to identify, build, and grow the next generation of disruptive startups from the ground up.

Operating out of Canada’s booming tech hub, Extreme Accelerator offers affordable startup services (coworking, operations, sales, taxes incentives, and more) for innovative Canadian and international companies.

While working with us, you will have the opportunity to interact with a myriad of Canada’s top start up companies and investors. You will collaborate with our diverse, highly-skilled, and passionate team to help reach your goals.

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Meet the Team

Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma

Managing Partner

Sunil Sharma was co-founder of Extreme Startups, one of Canada’s leading technology accelerators. Backed by 5 of Canada’s best venture capital funds, Sunil has co-lead investments for more than 18 companies. Sunil is very active in the technology ecosystem across Canada and particularly in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, where he serves as EIR at Communitech. Sunil is also Co-Director of the Founder Institute, the world’s largest international accelerator program.

Lucy Ho

Lucy Ho

Director, Services & Operations

Lucy Ho graduated from the University of Waterloo where she studied Environment and Business. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and the technology culture. She began her career MappedIn, a successful Waterloo-based startup, where she facilitated the operations and management of people and culture. She is now expanding her knowledge and supporting the growth of Toronto's latest early stage startups.


Extreme Venture Partners (EVP) has been one of Canada’s most successful venture capital funds in the past decade. With its focus on mobile technology and innovation, since its inception in 2007, EVP has achieved superior investment returns while assisting in both the launch and growth stages of more than 20 companies. Its contribution to the technology industry is astounding, as their startup success stories have helped create over 1000 well-paying jobs in the Canadian tech market.